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May 23, 2022

Top 10 Hot Tub Money Saving Tips

Increasing energy costs and environmental concerns are focusing our attention on being as efficient as possible in all areas of our lives. With further energy price rises expected, you’re probably wondering, “How can I reduce hot tub running costs?” Our Top 10 tips to reduce your hot tub running costs! The good news is that…

Apr 6, 2021

All About Chlorine

Used properly chlorine can be your best friend in maintaining hot tub water quality. We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about chlorine to help that friendship progress a little more smoothly.   Find out how to use chlorine to keep your hot tub water safe and clean. Chlorine is an…

Nov 18, 2020

Gritty Hot Tub Walls

Gritty hot tub walls One of the problems our water technicians are most frequently asked about goes something like this…. “I have a new hot tub that has been filled for about a week now, over the last few days there is a gritty feeling on the walls it’s almost like sitting on sandpaper. I…

Oct 10, 2023

Wales Rugby Star Gareth Davies Takes Delivery of His Chill Tub

Recently Wales and Llanelli Scarletts rugby star Gareth Davies took delivery of a Chill Tub Ice bath. Yan, general manager at Castle Hot Tubs and…

Aug 23, 2023

Products and Services We Recommend

Product and services we recommend At Castle Hot Tubs we are all about making your life easier, we’re constantly looking at ways we can take…

Aug 23, 2023

Maintaining Your Holiday Let Hot Tub

The most important part of owning a holiday let spa is maintaining the water to ensure it is safe for your guests to use. Your…

Aug 23, 2023

Getting Ready To Offer Your Hot Tub To Your Guests

Once you’ve purchased a hot tub from a reputable hot tub dealer, they will deliver and install it for you. During the installation process, they…

Aug 22, 2023

Purchasing a Hot Tub for you Holiday Let

In this series of blogs, we’re going to look at owning a hot tub in a holiday let setting right from the start before you…