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Do I need to Winterise my hot tub?

Hot Tubs are designed to be used all year round.  For example, our BeWell Spas were designed with enough insulation to deal with Canadian winters.  We think that relaxing in warm water on a clear and frosty winters night is one of the most enjoyable times to use your hot tub!

However if you plan to leave your hot tub for extended periods with absolutely no use, (perhaps you're off on vacation to sunnier climes or the hot tub is at a holiday home that you don’t visit in winter), then we do recommend winterizing your hot tub.

What is included in a Winterise service by Castle Hot Tubs?

Drain down spa, hoover out bottom and jets, clean filters & replace cover.

Our engineers have completed:
  • BISHTA/NICEIC Electrical Final Connections for Spas and Hot Tubs Training Course
  • Gecko Alliance Certified Technician training
  • Our Senior Engineers are Pool & Hot Tub Professionals Association Certified Hot Tub Technicians
We are happy to provide a winterisation service for hot tubs from a variety of manufacturers, whether or not they have been initially supplied by us.

Please contact us for a quote if you require a Winterisation service for your swim spa.

Available to customers in Mid, South & West WalesWales.
Additional Terms & Conditions apply.

What's Included?

  • Drain down spa
  • Hoover out bottom and jets
  • Clean filters
  • Work completed by trained & certified technicians
  • We will contact you to arrange a suitable date
  • We are currently booking appointments approximately 7 days in advance
  • Only available to customers in Mid, South & West Wales

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