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Balboa GS510SZ with regular touch pad. 2 pump with air


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Type of product: Balboa electronic control pack with paired topside control Make and model: Balboa GS510SZ control box and Balboa VL701S topside control Power: Volts: 230vac Hz: 50 KW: 3 Specification: Pump 1: Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required. Pump 2: Single speed Air Blower: x 1 (optional) Heater: x 1 (3KW) Ozone: x 1 Light: x1, 12 volt Radio, TV/AV: Point available Compatible with: Any retro fit system, suitable for upgrades Connections: 2 inch socket heater union sleeves. Amp cables plug on to the PCB to operate the components. Dimensions of Box: 270mm x 500mm (inc heater) 320mm (box only) x 120mm Dimensions of Topside: 187mm x 83mm Topside buttons: Warm, Cool, Blower, Mode, Jets 1 Jets 2 and Light Additional notes: The M7 technology means you do not need to have sensors and flow switches going back in to the tub as everything is done in side the control box by 2 sensors.*FREE CABLE PACK* this includes... 1 x 4 pin cable (2 speed pump) 3 x 3 pin cable (1 speed pump, blower or ozone) 1 x 2 pin cable (Spa light) If your system has a circulation pump as well as 2 separate boost pumps you will need to buy another 1 x 3 pin cable.*SPECIAL NOTE* J17 IS A PORT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO RUN EITHER AN AIR BLOWER OR ANOTHER SINGLE SPEED PUMP. THE PORT IS PROTECTED BY A 10 AMP QUICK BLOW FUSE.


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