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LX WE14 Spa Circulation Pump



LX WE14 Spa Circulation Pump - Circ Master or Laing E14 Replacement Hot Tub Pump

The LX WE14 spa circulation pump offers near silent running and delivers a high-performance flow rate from its fixed speed 180 Watt motor.This is LX's face-off / replacement to the very common E14 model from Laing Thermotech and can be used as a direct replacement subject to the available space within your spa cabinet.The LX WE14 can be fitted to a variety of hot tub brands and models.This includes but isn't limited to Arctic Spas that have the Little Giant circulation pump, also many Hydropool, Wellis, Master Spas, LA Spas & Clearwater Spas.

LX WE14 Pump Overview

  • Single low-speed motor that is designed to run economically for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..
  • LX WE14 pump wet end connects to 1.5-inch plumbing union connections on both the inlet and outlet. Outside thread diameters measure 63mm.
  • Wiring - The LX WE14 circulation pump is supplied with cable with ring terminals for control box connection

LX Pump Specifications

Type of Product:Circulation pump / filter pump
Common Power Reference:180W
Power:Volts:230 Hz:50 Motor HP:0.25 Amps:0.8 RPM:2900
Plumbing Connections:1.5 inch Threaded.  Interchangeable with other brands.
Electrical Connections:Comes with plain 3 core cable attached. 1 x Phase, Neutral + Earth.
Dimensions:Length:250 mm Height: 161 mm Depth: 154 mm
Help me find the right pump for my hot tub!
We appreciate there is a lot of choice of replacement pumps, and matching your current pump isn't always straightforward.If you're not certain this is the right pump for you, we recommend getting in contact with us.The simplest way is to take photographs of your current pump and forward these images by email to [email protected] will do our best to identify the best circulation pump for your spa requirements. 


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