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September 21, 2021

The Shocking Truth About Hot Tubs

Shock dosing with chlorine shock or non chlorine shock Let’s face it, neither the term “shock” or “dose” are words that we associate with particularly pleasant events.  You might have heard that it is sometimes necessary to “Shock Dose” as part of your water treatment routine for your hot tub / spa or swimming pool.  Is […]

November 18, 2020

Gritty Hot Tub Walls

Gritty hot tub walls One of the problems our water technicians are most frequently asked about goes something like this…. “I have a new hot tub that has been filled for about a week now, over the last few days there is a gritty feeling on the walls it’s almost like sitting on sandpaper. I […]

April 6, 2021

All About Chlorine

Used properly chlorine can be your best friend in maintaining hot tub water quality. We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about chlorine to help that friendship progress a little more smoothly.   Find out how to use chlorine to keep your hot tub water safe and clean. Chlorine is an […]

September 14, 2021

All About pH

Monitoring and balancing pH levels in hot tubs A balanced pH level in your hot tub, spa or swimming pool water is an essential starting point for maintaining water quality. What does pH level measure? As a hot tub owner, you’re probably already aware that monitoring and balancing water pH level should be a part […]

September 23, 2021

Easy Hot Tub Start Up Guide

Easy Hot Tub Start Up Guide. Have you just bought a new Hot Tub and have no idea on how to start using it?  Or perhaps you have just emptied it for the first time and would like to know how to refill it correctly?  We have put together this simple info-graphic guide on Hot […]