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A sauna provides the perfect companion to your hot tub.  Our range includes a choice of stylish outdoor barrel sauna or easy to install indoor sauna.  All our sauna are low maintenance and easy to operate.  Our indoor sauna range heat by infrared.  Compared to a traditional sauna heat source, you experience a more gentle heat.  As you walk in you will enjoy a warmth that instantly takes you away from your daily stresses.

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The physical and mental health benefits of using a sauna have long been understood.

Clinical studies support the following observations among regular sauna users:
  • Improved Skin Complexion

Heat from the sauna allows for the removal of toxins that build up on the skin leaving you with a healthier looking complexion.

  • Enhanced Circulation

One of the most significant benefits of sauna therapy is to the cardiovascular system.  Using saunas regularly can have many passive exercise benefits including improved blood flow and oxidation of the tissues without expending as much energy as from a traditional work-out. Repeated use can help to lower high blood pressure and increase the elasticity of the arteries.

  • Pain Relief

Heat from a sauna can be a great method of pain relief, especially for chronic conditions such as arthritis. Regular sauna sessions also promote recovery after sports by relieving pain from muscles and joints through the stimulation of blood flow through the affected areas.

  • Weight Loss

30 minutes of “passive exercise” in the sauna can burn calories at a higher rate than high exertion sports such as cycling or playing tennis for the same amount of time!

  • Detoxification

Medical studies show that most toxins in the body can be removed through the skin which helps reduce the load on the liver and kidneys. Heat from the sauna causes perspiration. This process gradually aids the removal of heavy metals and toxic chemicals from your body.

Why choose
an infrared sauna?

A traditional sauna transfers heat by circulating hot air, meaning that very high air temperatures are required to heat the body.  In an infrared sauna the far infrared heat rays warm your body directly.  This allows a penetrating heat at a more pleasant temperature of 110-150°f / 43-66°c, providing more health benefits and a more comfortable environment.

Infrared sauna are kinder on your pocket as well.  A typical conventional sauna requires a power supply of 7kW and requires an electrician to install.  Our largest infrared sauna needs only a power supply capable of delivering 2.4kW and can be run directly from a standard 3 pin socket.

Infrared sauna are the best option for installing inside your home.  Because there is no steam, no venting is required and the infrared sauna cannot cause condensation or damp problems.

Transform your home

New Sauna, no fuss

  • Quick and easy to install
  • No venting needed
  • Runs off standard 13 Amp socket


Our barrel sauna, made from beautiful Tongue & Groove Red Cedar Wood is stylish and practical and will perfectly compliment your Outdoor Well-being area.  No more trips to the nearest spa, or uncomfortably sharing the bench with strangers.  Enjoy every moment of your time in steam-filled bliss.

Not just good looking, the barrel shape of our outdoor sauna is practical too.  The rounding curves actually serve to move the heat around the sauna naturally ensuring a quicker heating process and more even heat distribution; maximizing your comfort and enjoyability of this design.

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Our high quality indoor infrared sauna are almost guaranteed to fit in your home!  They are supplied flat-packed for ease of access, and are simple for self-assembly.  We can also construct them on-site for you in certain areas of South Wales.  They are available in 1 to 4 seat versions.  You no longer need to make a trip to your nearest spa, only to share a bench with strangers.  Enjoy every moment of your time in the gentle bliss of the infrared heat source.

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