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Swimming Pool Starter Kit Chlorine Tablets, Test & Dispenser Bundle



This Swimming Pool Starter Kit offers a massive discount on buying these products seperately!

This bundle contains:

Castle Hot Tubs Small Chlorine tablets for hot tubs, spa and swimming pools.

  • 1kg Trichlor (20g) Chlorine Tablets (50 Tablets)
  • Designed to be used with a floating dispenser / some feeder systems
  • Maintain the ideal Chlorine level between 3.0 to 5.0mg/l

Test Strips:

These easy to use 4 way test strips will test for Chlorine, PH, Total Alkalinity and Stabiliser. Contains 50 test strips.


This floating dispenser is for use of 20g Chlorine Tablets and the flow rate can be adjusted at the bottom of the dispenser.


Unsure whether you should be using Chlorine Granules or Chlorine Tablets?

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How to Use the Chlorine Tablets supplied with your Swimming Pool Starter Kit :

Fill the Dispenser with tablets and adjust the aperture mechanism at the bottom of the dispenser to obtain the 1-3 mg/l(ppm) desired range.

These tablets are designed to slowly erode over a period of 4-7 days, depending on the water flowing over them.

The dispenser should be removed from the water while swimmers are bathing

General Precautions:

Never mix with other chemicals as dangerous reactions may occur. Handle product in a well-ventilated area. Wash hands after use. Ensure tablets do not become damp in storage. Store in a cool dry place.

PH levels:

Always ensure that your PH is at the ideal level between 7.2 - 7.8 to promote bathers comfort and safety.

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