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Energize Shock Treatment Sachet (30g) by Relax



Use Relax Energize Shock Treatment Sachet as a non-chlorine shock treatment or oxidiser for your Hot Tub, Spa or Swimming Pool. 

Energize Shock Treatment will help to restore dull looking water without having to use excessive chlorine.

Regular use helps maintain clear spa water.

Use Energize weekly or more frequently after heavy spa use.


The shock treatment helps remove bather wastes. These wastes can build-up in spa water over time.  This resultis in odours, reduced water clarity and unpleasant bathing conditions.

Energize treatment for Spas and Hot Tubs, destroys soluble organic wastes and irritating chloramines in spa water.


If you use Bromine as a sanitiser, then Energize can be used as a shock treatment 

Chlorine turns into Chloramines once spent, whereas Bromine can be regenerated.

Using Energise Non-Chlorine Shock in a hot tub running on Bromine sanitiser will oxidise the bromide ions (spent bromine).  This forms new bromine, resulting in a boost to bromine levels.


One Energize shock treatment sachet (30g) will treat spas up to 1500 litres (330 gallons)

Add the granules directly to your hot tub water and they will rapidly dissolve.  This often results in clearer water within minutes.


Find out how to maintain water chemistry balance in your hot tub.  We have some guides to help you!

For more information on shock treatment of bathing water, read our helpful guide.

Relax Energize Sachet
- Directions for use -
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A genuine Relax branded product.

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