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High Grade Polyethylene 0.37kg/sq m (400)?0.48kg/sq m (500) 4 Years Pro Rata Evo Warranty (500)
Micron Covers: A heat reflecting solar cover allows the sun's heat rays to pass through the solar cover into the pool water, but will then reflect them back into the pool by the metallic coloured underside creating more heat retention than conventional blue solar covers. The 400 micron silver/blue solar cover is ideal for all domestic pools in range of direct sunlight and is sold with a 4 year warranty.   Swimming Pool Solar Covers: Solar Blankets, often referred to as bubblecovers,?are an efficient, cost effective way of retaining heat in your swimming pool water. Solar covers use an insulating technique similar to that of double glazing and help prevent heat loss through evaporation which accounts for 85% of all pool water heat loss.   With recent advances in swimming pool cover manufacturing technology, solar covers are now available with longer life spans, better UV & chemical resistance, improved heat retention and heat gain properties. Using a solar cover on your pool can dramatically reduce energy consumption saving money and reducing the impact of your pool on the environment. Castle Hot Tubs?Solar Cover Range: We only offer high quality pool covers from the UK's leading manufacturers and do not offer poor quality 200 or 300 micron imported covers as are found so often on the internet without warranties. Our prices for 400 and 500 micron material compete well against other supplier's 200 & 300 grades. Castlehottubs?offer solar covers for standard UK pool sizes online although can custom manufacture any size or shape required to suit your swimming pool design. Solar Cover - Use and care of your Solar Cover: Solar covers can be placed onto the pool water surface by hand or with ease using a manual or automatic pool roller and a leading edge or towing kit. When your pool cover is rolled or folded off the pool water, use?a white solar protected sheet that you can buy from?Castlehottubs to cover and protect it from magnified sun rays that can shorten the cover life span. Removing the cover for a reasonable period after shock chlorination will also extend the life of the pool cover by preventing chemical attack leading to a brittle material. At the end of the pool season you can care for your solar blanket by rinsing the cover with water from your hose to remove chemical residue prior to winter storage.

Our Covers?are cut and shaped?in the factory this can take longer in?high season March- October when delivery time can be up to? 5-12 Working Days

WE Cannot send these solar covers abroad and will only ship to UK Mainland addresses


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ColourBlack 400 Micron, Blue 400 Micron, Clear 500 Micron, Gold/Blue 500 Micron, Silver/Blue 400 Micron


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