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Blue Horizons Winter Time – Ultimate (Concentrated) 1 ltr



Blue Horizons Ultimate Concentrated Winter Time is an effective long-life copper-free algaecide.

Ultimate Winter Time is formulated to prevent the growth of algae during the late autumn, over winter and into early spring in outdoor swimming pools.Supplied in a 1 litre container, it:
  • Prevents Algae
  • Prevents Staining
  • Prevents Scale Formation
  • Is part of Blue Horizons recommended BOAST system
  • Treats up to 15,000 gallons
Blue Horizons Ultimate Concentrated Winter Time is compatible for use in pools treated with:
Blue Horizons Ultimate Concentrated Winter Time is a long-life copper-free algaecide.? One dose will help prevent algae growth for up to six months. Ultimate Winter Time also helps to minimise the likelihood of stains and scale deposits during the closed season. Algae are microscopic plant life that can multiply rapidly in your swimming pool water in the right conditions. Recovering an algae infested pool can be time consuming and expensive which is why prevention is always preferable to cure. Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time algaecide has been specially formulated to help you achieve sparkling clear and algae free water.

How to use Blue Horizons Ultimate Concentrated Winter Time

  1. Ensure pool water is clear and free from algae / debris before applying Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time.
  2. Shock dose the pool water using Blue Horizons Granular Shock to achieve a free chlorine level of 10ppm.
  3. Gradually pour the required amount of Blue Horizons Ultimate WinterTime into the pool, whilst the pump(s) are turned on, preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.
  4. Check the pH level and if necessary adjust to achieve the recommended winter pH range of 7.6 - 7.8.
  5. Keep the circulation system running until Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time is thoroughly distributed throughout the pool.
  6. If the winter and spring are mild, it maybe necessary to periodicallyshock dosethe pool water with chlorine. This will help keep the pool clear as the air and water temperature starts to rise.


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