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Balboa GS523DZ with Deluxe Touch Pad. 3 pump with air


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Type of product: Balboa electronic control pack with paired topside control Make and model: Balboa GS523DZ control box and Balboa VL801D topside control Power: Volts: 230vac Hz: 50 KW: 3 Specification: Pump 1: Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required. Pump 2: Single speed Pump 3: Single speed Air Blower: x 1 (optional) Heater: x 1 (3KW) Ozone: x 1 Light: x1, 12 volt Radio, TV/AV: Point available Compatible with: Any retro fit system, suitable for upgrades Connections: 2 inch socket heater union sleeves. Amp cables plug on to the PCB to operate the components. Dimensions of Box: 270mm x 500mm (inc heater) 320mm (box only) x 120mm Dimensions of Topside: 187mm x 83mm Topside buttons: TIME, MODE, WARM, COOL, BLOWER, LIGHT, JETS 1 and JETS 2 (Jets 2 button operates pump 2 and pump 3 individually, keep pressing button to cycle through). Additional notes: The M7 technology means you do not need to have sensors and flow switches going back in to the tub as everything is done in side the control box by 2 sensors.This deluxe Touch Pad or Topside control allows you to set your preferred filter times by a built in clock. Its large screen also gives you detailed information about the operation of the Hot Tub and symbols display when the individual components are running. This system also displays when it is in a filter cycle and you can read the time from it also.*FREE CABLE PACK* this includes... 1 x 4 pin cable (2 speed pump) 4 x 3 pin cable (1 speed pump, blower or ozone) 1 x 2 pin cable (Spa light) If your system has a circulation pump as well as 3 separate boost pumps you will need to buy another 1 x 3 pin cable.*SPECIAL NOTE* J17 IS A PORT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO RUN EITHER AN AIR BLOWER OR ANOTHER SINGLE SPEED PUMP. THE PORT IS PROTECTED BY A 10 AMP QUICK BLOW FUSE.


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