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If you are looking for the correct filter to fit your Aria or Aria II hot tub - made by Aspen Spas / Aspel / Elite, we have the best prices right here!

  • Replacement Aspen Spa / Aspel Spa / Elite Spa Aria or Aria II Hot Tub Filter 
  • Outside diameter: 6" (15.2cm)
  • Length: 8 1/4" (21cm)
  • Bottom finish: Coarse male SAE 1 1/2" (3.8cm) thread
  • Top finish: Handle
These are excellent quality filters boasting a massive 225 pleat count per filter, compared with Pleatco Filters which only have 215.This filter is a top quality product from Castle Hot Tubs. Don't have an Aria or Aria II Hot Tub?  That isn't a problem as we have a huge selection of hot tub filters. 
How do I find the correct filter for my hot tub?
Take a look at our filter chooser to search for the correct filter for your hot tub.You can search by part number if you know it or dimensions if you can't find a matching reference.If you're still struggling to find the correct filter for your hot tub contact us by email with the brand of hot tub, the filter dimensions and a photo and we will try and identify the filter for you.
Why do I need to replace my hot tub filters?
It is important to keep your spa filters in good condition as well as nice and clean.  They are an important part of the hot tub water system and the water is constantly ‘recycled’ through them.Hot tub filters deal with body oils/fats that are lost through bathing and also remove any organic debris from the water.A dirty or damaged filter will be ineffective or possibly contaminate your water. 
How do I clean my hot tubs filters?
We have heard of many people using various methods of filter cleaning including washing machines and dishwashers.  We definitely do not recommend this!In order to maintain the integrity of the filter, we recommend using AquaFinesse Filter CleanerAquasparkle filter cleaning spray or Immerse Filter cleaning cartridgesIf you would like advice on how to clean your spa filters please contact us
Do I need to rotate my hot tub filters?
For best results, we recommend that you get a set of back up filters.This will allow you to rotate your filters.  This is always a great idea as you then have a spare set.  You will also find it can help the filters to last a lot longer.This allows you to clean and dry out the filters you have removed while the replacement filters are at work in your hot tub.  

Filter Details

Product Attributes


Compatible Spa BrandAspen, Elite, Elite Spas
Compatible Spa ModelAria
Diameter (mm)38
Length (mm)210
Width (mm)150

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