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7 Piece Bromine Hot Tub Starter Kit – Hot Tub / Swim Spa / Pool



This 7 Piece Bromine Hot Tub Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin using your new hot tub or spa, using bromine as a sanitiser.

Included in this kit are:

  • 1kg of Bromine Tablets - Bromine is used for the Sanitisation / Disinfection of Spa, Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Water.
  • 1 x Pack of 50 Bromine Test Strips - Bromine Test Strips Test: PH, Bromine and Alkalinity of your water.
  • 1kg of PH + - Use to increase the PH in your Hot Tub.
  • 1 x Immerse Filter Cleaner -For removal of scale, rust, oils and greases from your hot tub filter cartridge
  • 1.5kg of PH MINUS - Use PH Minus to decrease the PH value of the water in your spa
  • 1 x Spa Fusion single Shock Treatment - Specially formulated oxidiser and water clarifier. Destroys non- filterable wastes and creates sparkling clean spa water.
  • 1 x Dispenser This dispenser floats on the surface of your Swimming pool or Hot Tub water and helps to maintain consistent Bromine levels.
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Product Specifications

  • Bromine Tablets
  • 50 Test Strips
  • Immerse Filter Cleaner
  • Spa Fusion
  • Floating Dispenser

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