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Rapid Shock Granules 5kg Blue Horizons

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Blue Horizons Rapid Shock Granules 5 Kg / Aquasparkle Rapid Shock Granules 5 Kg

  • Blue Horizons Rapid Shock is a fast dissolving shock treatment for swimming pool water eliminating bather wastes, contaminants and algae
  • The high chlorine content of Rapid Shock enables you to quickly establish a chlorine level in your pool water
  • These non-stabilised chlorine shock granules are ideal for commissioning new swimming pools or regular oxidation of swimming pool water
  • The 5kg Tub (includes free measuring scoop) has dosing rates and full directions for use on the packaging

Instructions for using Rapid Shock:

Maintain pH levels within the ideal range 7.2-7.6. If the level is not in this range, adjust. Maintain free chlorine residuals within the range 1 - 3 mg/l (ppm).Blue Horizons Rapid Shock can be carefully broadcast directly over pool water surface.To use the broadcast method the water temperature must be 20oC or higher and the water depth must be a minimum of 4ft deep.Before broadcasting Rapid Shock granules, always check the wind strength and direction.If you are in doubt about the wind conditions, the granules should be pre-dissolved.To pre-dissolve this product, use a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 100g of product per 2.2 gallons (10 litres) of clean warm water.Stir well to ensure the product is fully dissolved.Carefully add the resulting solution to the pool with the pump(s) turned on, preferably near water inlets to aid distribution.Keep this filtration running as the pool water may become temporarily cloudy after using rapid shock.If necessary repeat the dose of rapid shock in order to achieve the desired chlorine levels.For your comfort and safety, do not resume bathing until the free chlorine level has dropped below 5mg/l (ppm).After adding rapid shock to your swimming pool, always wait at least 30 minutes before resuming bathing.

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