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Chlorine Reducer Blue Horizons 1Kg



Chlorine Reducer Blue Horizons is used for lowering chlorine or bromine levels in pool, spa & hot tub water after shock treatment or as a problem solver if the pool has accidentally been overdosed with chlorine or bromine.Occasionally you may find that you have too much sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) in your hot tub or swimming pool.  Too much sanitiser is usually a result of a mistaken over-dose.Excessive chlorine levels risk corrosion of your hot tub components and damage to your head rests/pillows and spa cover.Bathing before lowering sanitizer levels risks skin rashes and sore eyes.Are you sure that your chlorine levels are too high?Before adding a chlorine reducer, be certain that your chlorine levels are excessive.The only way to reliably do this is by testing your water either with a dip test or a digital test reader.Chlorine levels should be between a minimum of 1 part per million (ppm) to 3 ppm, with 3 ppm being ideal.Bromine levels should be between 3 ppm and 5 ppm, with 5 ppm being ideal.

Confused about your hot tub water chemistry? Our guides answer the most Frequently Asked Questions!Why do I need to test my hot tub / spa / swimming pool water chlorine levels?Is it necessary to test my hot tub / spa / swimming pool water pH levels?Do I need to shock my hot tub / spa / swimming pool water?


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