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Sep 29, 2021

Storm Survival Guide

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The UK is set to reap the whirlwind of climate change with the huge damage caused by wind storms expected to increase sharply, according to the ABI (Association of British Insurers).  As a hot tub owner, it makes sense to protect your investment. A little time and preparation beforehand might just save you a lot of time and money later!

Storm Advisory

Our minds are focused when the MET office issues a severe weather warning, with named storms seeming to be ever more frequent – but the time to act to ensure the safety of your loved ones – and your valuable property is in the calm spells in-between.

What is the potential risk?

A hot tub cover is just the right size and shape to catch an aggressive gust of wind, ending up being thrown off the cabinet and providing a very effective sail, but causing a lot more damage when it eventually returns to ground. The impact will damage your cover causing the vinyl and foam to crack and be compromised, making it less effective or even useless. It it collects some garden furniture or plants or even worse ends up cartwheeling across the paintwork of your neighbour’s shiny new car things could soon start to get really ugly.


Keep your hot tub cover in place using cover clips.



Strap it down!

For more severe winds, peace of mind can be achieved by investing in storm straps.



Repair damaged storm straps

If you already have straps, check their condition from time-to-time. Repair kits are available to ensure that in a time of testing, your storm straps will be up to the task.


Don’t overdo it

Don’t be too over-zealous when tying down your hot tub cover – overtightening could cause damage to the foam core.  Make sure the straps are taut and that should be enough to keep things snug and in-place.


What not to do

If you don’t have time to get some straps and the weather bomb is imminent you could try to improvise straps that wrap around the whole cabinet. The big no-no here is that you should never place heavy objects on the hot tub cover in an attempt to keep it from blowing away. Breeze blocks, bricks, and other heavy objects are more likely to harm your cover than protect it and are likely to be shifted anyway if things get really wild out there.


The Cover is Safe….what next?


Flying Debris

So, your hot tub cover is secure and you can relax and enjoy the show?  Not just yet…if you’re expecting a wind storm, you will probably need to think about protecting your hot tub from other potential debris flying around.  Tree branches for example can puncture your cover or damage your hot tub cabinet.

If your hot tub is near or under a tree (not the best idea for this reason!) you could consider placing a piece of thin plywood on the top of the cover and strap it down to protect it during the storm. You could do the same around any exposed sides of the cabinet that you feel are at risk. Remember don’t use heavy objects to hold the plywood in place. If you’re taking the plywood option, it’s important to create a buffer between the ply and the cabinet / cover with a blanket or towel otherwise your shield is likely to leave unsightly scuff marks behind.


During the storm

Despite your best efforts things could still go wrong. In the middle of a storm, the most important thing to care about is your own personal safety, not your property.  Now is the time to stay indoors – do not go outside while the storm is in progress.  A replacement hot tub cover is cheaper and easier to replace than you are!



Your hot tub cover, if properly looked after will protect your tub, and your water heating bills for years to come.  Interested in finding out more?  Read our blog on how to look after your hot tub cover.